Khan Academy Talent Search Videos


The first video is an overview of networks and telecommunications, and discusses TCP and UDP. The other video discusses the basics of loops and iteration. Both are targeted at high school CompSci and intro college students.

From watching Randy Pausch’s lecture, I’m a big fan of using the “head fake” to teach concepts. The “head fake” is making the audience believe they are learning one thing, when they are actually learning another (see the Last Lecture).

And I believe that entertainment is key to good storytelling. Even in my own studies, I would learn abstract concepts better with detailed analogies or stories full of characters to bring the concepts to life in my mind, which helped me to better retain those concepts.

I filmed, wrote, and acted in both videos.

Tech Used:

Boom mic, boom stand, Kodak zi8 camera


In these two videos, I experiment with two very different styles. One tells a story about the two types of transport layer connections: TCP and UDP, by portraying the two connections as two characters appearing for a job interview. The two characters are caricatures of what I imagined the two connections to be. The video has a slower pace, and I am more deliberate with dialogue.

The other video, I drew inspiration from many Youtuber videos. I made use of a larger-than-life personality, spoke faster, and made more abrupt cuts. I also broke the fourth wall more in the second video, and the dialogue was more improvised.